Plastic pollution Week 5

Plastic pollution is a big problem. People all around the world use plastic every day but it’s what they do with their plastic which causes this problem. The plastic that doesn’t get put in bins and it gets washed into the ocean and has micro plastic in them. Small pieces of plastic gets caught on the sea creatures food and when they eat it they eat the plastic too. The animals cant digest this so they and up dying.

Visiting other peoples blogs

This inspired me to really push what i am thinking about and to make really interesting so that people want to read it.

A cool design i saw was

I was surprised when i saw so many blogs that were really long and nicely set up.

I chose this blog because it was really informative and descriptive.

My avatar

This is my avatar. It represents me because my favourite colour is yellow and i like jumpers because they are nice and comfy. The eyes are the same colour as my real ones and my hair colour is dark brown and it is quite long. When ia ma at home ilike to dress comfy but when i go out i dress up.



Hi my name is Leila. I love to dance. My favourite style of dance is ballet and I have pointe shoes. I love to be active so my favourite subject is P.E. Comment below your favourite subject. I am 11 years old and I live in Adelaide Australia. What state do you live in? My favourite colour is pink and yellow and I love pastel colours. My favourite foods are watermelon and cookies.

L ovely

E xciting

I nteresting

L istening

A mazing

Seesaw Cambodia

  1.  Cambodia’s flag Image result for cambodia's flag .
  2.  Cambodia is in the continent Asia.
  3.  The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh
  4. . Cambodia is in south east Asia in the Northern hemisphere
  5. The national language spoken in Cambodia is khmer
  6. The currency of Cambodia is Cambodia riel

7.A connection was that we both have a defence corporation course

8. An interesting fact about Cambodia is only 34% of people have access to electricity.

9. To the north of Cambodia is Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. To the east is a bit of Vietnam there is no countries bordering to the south but to the west is some of Thailand.

Blog comment thumbs up or down

From what I saw I think the least appropriate is;

Number 7

Number 1

Number 4

Number 6

Number 8

Number  5

Number 3

Number 2!

I think number 2 was the most helpful because It showed us how to comment well with a few sentences and to be kind in the response and it gave lots of detail on how to do it properly.

I think that 7 was the least appropriate because it had one sentence and they weren’t full sentences. It wasn’t clear what he was commenting on and the person receiving it wouldn’t be happy.

200 word count

I suddenly woke up. Everything around me was still in the forest with tall trees. Then something suddenly something moved. I knew something was following me. Boo. I screamed! Wait it was my sister. As soon as I woke up, I was so confused. My sister said “finally, you are always daydreaming. Come play with me!” At once I got up before she went and told mum. Now that I was up it was going to be a long rest of the day. However, I was going to my friends, house but I hadn’t told my mum. I was going to sneak out, but my little sister really wanted to play with me. If I went Daisy would tell mum so I had to play with her. Playing with Daisy is the worst all she wants to do is play fairies. I am 14 years old I don’t want to be playing Fairies. Surprisingly when I asked her what she wanted to she, said I could pick so we played hide and seek and to make her happy we went to the park. It ended up being the most fun I have had with Daisy for a long time.